Pirate Fairy 1


I have started a new sculpture that I am calling the Pirate Fairy.

At the time I didn’t realize that Disney had co-opted this name for one of their animated movies starring Tinker Bell. My fairy is actually named Tiki, and yes, she is a pirate fairy so I will continue to call her by this name. Why else would she be sitting on a bag of coins?

At this time I have cast the fairy and her bag, but I have not yet cast her wings. I will use real coins for her treasure bag that include the multi-colour Canadian loonie and toonie along with the multi-colour British pound and two pound coins.

I staged this piece on quartz stone that includes a black tourmaline piece from Brazil. On further reflection I think I might mount it on honey onyx. I think the colour might better match the sculpture once I apply the patina.

Two pictures of the piece without the wings are shown below.

I will post an update when this piece is near completion.