Brass Monkey 2


My brass monkey sculpture is almost finished. In my previous posting I had shown the work without a cast figurine. However, on second thought, I decided to cast another pirate wench for this work as I thought it needed a focus piece.

This work is now a sister piece to my “Protecting the Booty” sculpture.

Of course, I have a fully functioning cannon, complete with a fuse.

And, one does need powder. The powder in the rightmost barrel is a slower burning powder similar to what was used by cowboys in the late 1800’s. Actual black powder as was used by pirates is a little harder to find.

I made two brass monkeys of slightly different size. The cannon balls are 1/4 inch steel ball bearings. They have been set with a transparent epoxy to hold them together.

And here is my treasure chest, which is once again hinged and will open.

This completes the work, except for the patina and enamel for the pirate wench and mounting the work to the granite base. This base has been cut from the same stone as was used for its sister sculpture.