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Cannons and Faeries


Today I cast a few parts so that I can make another version of my Faerie on Twig and two new cannons to supplement my new Pirate Wench and Treasure Chest sculpture. The difficulty I have with casting cannons is that my wax models are at the maximum size of my tallest 7 inch casting […]


Cannon 3


I’m just about finished my cannons. I cast the third yesterday and I am busy making carriages for them along the lines of naval cannons. The carriage is made from wood, but I am casting the carriage wheels. For some reason the cannon I just cast failed to have an open bore, so I am […]


Cannon 2


I cast two cannons today. I actually made three in wax but I had some difficulty trying to fit them into my 5×7 inch casting flask. The cannons are 5 5/8 inches long, but the rubber base for the flask uses 1 1/4 inch of space for the button reservoir. I also require a half […]

bronze cannon

18th Century Cannon


Finally, I’m making an 18th century cannon. It’s a pseudo-replica of a 12-pdr bronze cannon cast by the Verbruggen family in England in 1780. The actual cannon weighed 21 hundredweight (2352 pounds) and was 6’6” long. We will see what my cannon actually weighs when cast, but it should be about 5.5 inches long. I’m […]