Cannon 2


I cast two cannons today. I actually made three in wax but I had some difficulty trying to fit them into my 5×7 inch casting flask. The cannons are 5 5/8 inches long, but the rubber base for the flask uses 1 1/4 inch of space for the button reservoir. I also require a half inch of investment at the top of the flask, and this leaves only 5 1/4 inches of space inside the flask. I can just make it if I angle the cannon in the flask to get a little extra height. Physics!

I’ll actually have better luck with my 4×7 inch flask. The 4 inch rubber base only requires 1 inch of reservoir space so I pick up just enough room.

The cannons weight about 330 grams each. The would need to be re-bored if I wanted them to actually fire cannon balls.

The pictures below show how I made the silicone mould for my master. I was actually casting Supergirl at the same time, so the cannons were in the same flask as the upper part of Supergirl.

Silicone Mould Box

Wax Cannon

Wax Cannons with Sprue

wax cannons

Casting Flask with Supergirl

Cannons after Casting

Cannons after Cleaning

Cannons – circa 1780