Pirate Flag 2


Today, I made a hinge for my treasure chest. I also cut some granite to make a base for my second pirate wench casting. This is where I plan to set my 18th century cannon with the piece and, of course, fly the Jolly Roger pirate flag that I made earlier.

The hinge for the treasure chest was made out of 3/32 inch brass tube and a 1/16 inch steel rod for the pin. The tubing was cut into 5 parts and soldered to the treasure chest. I used a chalk resist to prevent the solder from flowing where it wasn’t supposed to, and fortunately everything worked. There is a little excess solder remaining on the hinge that will be removed.

I have also cast a carriage for the cannon. Of course, all of these pieces need to be finished and polished, but the work is almost done. Once again, the figure will be removable and the treasure chest can be opened.