Pirate Flag 1


I am working on a second, different casting of my pirate wench. This casting is intended to be an artwork piece that will include my bronze cannon, a bronze seashell, and most importantly a bronze cast Jolly Roger pirate flag.

According to Wikipedia, I am using the flag of Edward England, a wonderful pirate from the golden age of piracy.

I had the flag cut in relief into a 1/8 inch thick piece of oak plywood using a laser cutting machine. It only took a few minutes to fabricate this 5 cm x 3 cm piece. I wanted to cast the piece from the wood copy to see if I could successfully cast from a wooden laser cut design.

Unfortunately, the casting failed, but it failed in a most delightful manner. The holes and tears make the flag look torn and tattered, and this is just perfect for my needs. I actually cast two flags and they both failed in the same way.

This is the other cast flag. I used a liver of sulphur patina to blacken the flag after soldering it to a brass rod, and then I polished the skull and crossbones. It’s turned out far better than planned.

Here is a draft picture of my second pirate wench casting. I am thinking of calling this work “Protecting the Booty”, but I may change the name. I will also likely mount this on a dark granite base as before.

Any comments?