Spruce Meadows 1


It has been a while since I posted anything, but that doesn’t mean I have been completely idle. I am making new pieces for my upcoming show at Spruce Meadows in early September.

I’ve made a new pirate wench, new treasure chests, two new cannons, two new fantasy fairies, and a new faerie on twig sculpture.

I am also creating a new work that will be based on the Tooth Fairy. This is an adaptation of my Faerie on Twig sculpture, however I am giving this fairy the wings from my Fantasy Fairy. I will place this new fairy on one of my treasure chests. She will have a sword in her hand and I am exploring ideas about having the tooth fairy protect her money.

This new work will be a sister work to my pirate wench sculpture that is called “Protecting the Booty”.

I have also cast a Wonder Woman, but this piece has been commissioned and will not be available for my Spruce Meadows show.

These pieces are mostly assembled. I will soon be moving into the final finishing stage where I apply some enamel and make stone bases.