Western Gold Mine 8


I now have a functioning water wheel with water.

A few still pictures of the operating water wheel follow.

The water pump was put into one end of a reservoir fashioned from 1 1/4 inch ABS pipe. The reservoir hold about 350 ml or 1 and a half cups of water. The pump fills the water tower from beneath. A float valve in the water tower maintains a constant level by turning the pump on and off as required. The water falls onto the water wheel into a basin and sluice box which drains back into the reservoir. A drain screw has been set into the reservoir so that it can be drained when necessary.

The next steps are to fabricate a stone tile base to be set on the aluminum. A liver of sulphur patina will be applied to the water tower and crusher. I do not intend to patina the mine office or water wheel gear assembly.