Yan Wu 1


I find that I now want to do sculptures of far more substance and complexity. My work is changing. I do not expect to cast superheros or other such bronze in the future.

I am now starting a new sculpture based on Yan Wu by PKKing. This work should be a spectacular bronze piece.

According to PKKing, Yan Wu is a general of Tian in ancient time. Due to his glory and achievements he became god after death. Yan Wu has two daughters when living, one learned how to use the Yan Wang Sword, another learned the skill of Yans witchcraft.

Yan Wu’s daughters made a deal with their father to gain the power to save Tian from the governance of Nie Long and Dark Fox. The abilities of Yan Wu are martial art of using Yan Wang Sword and Yan’s witchcraft, he’s a formidable god in the world of the Nine Skies

There are a few challenges to be overcome for my casting. One of the major challenges will be to create the base for the bronze. At the moment I am undecided as to whether I will cast this in bronze or clear resin or glass.

This base will be moulded with a brush on type of silicone rubber. Once the mould is created I will experiment with both wax and a clear resin. A glass base would be ideal, except that it will be far too fragile for any sort of use.

I also intend to assemble and paint the resin sculpture, too, if possible. The matched pair of the bronze sculpture and the resin sculpture would be absolutely unique.

I previously assembled and painted Stugeon King, another astounding sculpture by PKKing.

Sturgeon King

Stay tuned for more project posts.