Andromeda Ascendant 1


I am casting a version of the Andromeda Ascendant spaceship from a simple 3D printed model.

The Andromeda show is once again on TV and I thought it would be interesting to have a bronze cast version of the spaceship available for my upcoming show at the Calgary Expo.

The 3D model is called “Orion Rising” by Granthus and released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.  This model is an ‘Andromeda Ascendent’ style spaceship and not an exact reproduction.  Downloaded from

It is a tricky model to print as it is shaped like an egg and has no flat area to build on.  I approached Amortech Design Labs in Calgary and they spent a bit of time to figure out how to print this for me.  They basically set the spaceship on end and added struts and supports to enable the print.

This is an experiment to see how the ABS plastic will burn out for casting.  The model is 5.1 cm ✕ 10.1 cm ✕ 2.5 cm.  As such, some of the areas are thin and difficult to print.  I will have this printed at a larger size if the casting is successful.


Andromeda Ascendant


Blender 3D Model