Supergirl’s Cape 1


I’ve started work on my bronze cast of Supergirl. The biggest feature to cast is her cape. I am going to have to cut it in half so that it will fit inside my largest 5×7 inch casting flask, but even so it will be a tricky fit. I try to leave about a half inch of space between the edge of the wax and the flask to prevent blowouts, but in this case I will be lucky to have a quarter inch of clearance.

These pictures show the initial mould and cast. The pour on this was 555 grams of metal. I will have to solder the two halves back together again for assembly.

I think Supergirl will be quite an impressive bronze statue when finished. I’ve cast her cape and boots in yellow brass. Her cape alone weighs nearly 390 grams in metal. I plan to color it a transparent red cold enamel to show the brass color underneath.

The next post will show the assembled and polished cape.

Cape Mould Frame

Cape Mould Frame

Casting Flask

Cast Brass – Cape and Boots