Faerie on Twig 6


I have finished my faerie and I took pictures to post this as a product, but then I realized that I forgot to put a gemstone into the centre of the flower in the faerie’s hair.

So, here you go. These are some of my better quality pictures that are not taken in my workshop.

The leaves have been coloured slightly green. The fruit has a slight red enamel colour applied. The snail has been cast in a white bronze.

The fairy has a patina applied to her dress to darken it. Her wings were cast in a yellow brass. Her hair is a yellow brass and her shoes and collar were cast in a white bronze.

The whole sculpture weighs slightly more than 3 kilograms. I am quite pleased with how well this has turned out. My work over the last year has become more complex and I think it is much improved.

So, enjoy these final photos. I will have to retake the pictures when I mount the stone.