The Iron Faerie


When I took my product photos for my faeries I had forgotten to mount a gemstone inside the flower petals on the faerie’s hair.

So, I have to redo these photos. But, you might just as well see what my Iron Faerie looks like.

She is mounted on a piece of Limonite from Morrocco. Limonite is iron ore, so this seems fitting for the Iron Faerie.

Her wings are cast in white bronze and I raised the copper to the surface of her inner wings. This gives a copper red colour to the metal, whereas the white bronze looks like silver. This adds a slight colour variation to her wings and makes the work more interesting.

As she is the Iron Faerie, I have also given her a sword and scabbard. She’s armed, and not necessarily your typical tooth fairy. You have been warned not to trifle with her!

There is a little bronze snail crawling on the rock, just to add some spice to the work.

The whole piece is heavy. It weighs over 5 kilograms and exceeds the capacity of my scale.