4 Charge Battery

A four charge battery is capable of only four charges before being recharged.

I originally thought to point these cannons at a cell phone, because I hate cell phones, but then I thought that four charges might not be enough. So I abandoned this idea.

Instead, imagine four cannons firing almost all at once.

Stand back and be safe.

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A collection of cannons is called a battery.

I made an 18th century cannon. It’s a pseudo-replica of a 12-pdr bronze cannon cast by the Verbruggen family in England in 1780. The actual cannon weighed 21 hundredweight (2352 pounds) and was 6’6” long.

My cannon and carriage weigh about 500 grams and is about 5.5 inches long. My cannon will fire 1/4 inch steel balls that weigh about 1 gram. Or it should fire them. I haven’t actually tested the cannon yet.

This sculpture contains a number of consistently measured charges that are of the proper size to be slid down the cannon barrel. The back end of either supplied tool can be used as a ramrod to push the powder charge into the barrel. When properly positioned beneath the touch hole the supplied steel pin tool is used to puncture the powder charge to expose the powder. A fuse is inserted into the touch hole.

A ball bearing can be rolled down the bore. It can be secured by ramming a small piece of tissue paper down the bore.

To fire the cannon the fuse is lit.

Once fired, the other tool can be used to clean the cannon and remove any residue from the bore.

Weighs 5.3 kg and is 16 cm deep by 23 cm wide by 17 cm high.