Black Widow – Introduction


Someone recently said that I should do a bronze cast of 7 of 9 from the Star Trek: Voyager series. 

Apparently, she was the reason many watched the show?  I was told that if I was to cast her in bronze then people would buy her.  But, I’ve never found a resin kit of this character, nor did I find one of Emma Peel (do young folks know who she is?), but we do have kits of Batgirl, Catwomen, and other heroines in skin tight leather or latex, much like 7 of 9 wore.  Fortunately, I was able to find this kit of another character who also wears a skin tight costume.  Wink Problem solved.


The picture below shows my Spy Lady parts.  One of the first things I have to do is make a wax model of the parts before I can cast it in bronze.  Once I have moulds of the parts I inject hot liquid wax into the moulds.  When the wax cools and hardens I have wax replicas of the parts.

Sometimes, when I take silicon moulds of parts I will combine pieces in the mould if it makes sense.  Silicon rubber is expensive so if I can reduce the amount I use it saves me money.



One thing I can show you is the marble base that I have already cut for my bronze Spy Lady.  I put all my bronze sculptures on stone bases and I get granite and marble scrap from a local granite and tile shop.  I cut the stone with a diamond blade on a tile saw and polish and finish the stone in much the same way as those who do granite counter tops today.  The tile saw makes a big mess when I cut stone, with water and mud everywhere, so when I do this I make a day of it. I cut some quartz for another base and a few slices of some red granite and it took me more than a few hours to clean up.



Anyway, here is a picture of the rough cut marble base.  I actually cut five of these marble bases as I will use them for other things, too.I also cut a quartz slab for another bronze figurine, too, which you will see in a later post.



I will start the silicon moulds tomorrow.