Black Widow Project

This archive shows the complete casting and construction process for my bronze sculpture of Black Widow.

Spy Lady

Black Widow – Final


Hi folks.  I’m back!   I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and that 2016 will be a fantastic year for everyone!  I thought I would show you what’s on my workbench for this winter.  I have a one day show or sale coming up on March 19 in Kelowna, BC that I […]

Spy Lady

Black Widow – Assembly


Hi everyone! Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, or Magic Winter Solstice, or if none of these fit at least have a hot or cold beverage to cheer you up. I have mostly finished all the metal work on my Spy Lady, except for the silver chain around her hips. I haven’t yet decided if I want […]

Pouring Bronze

Black Widow – Casting


So, here are my casting results. The first picture shows my four flasks after they come out of the kiln when the wax is melted. The flasks are set on a rack in a pan and heated to 150 C for two to three hours in that blue thing (the kiln) on the bench. The wax […]

Spy Lady Wax Model

Black Widow – Investing


Having finally finished making the silicon moulds and taking wax copies of the parts I’m anxious to get this ready to cast.  I always find I get a little excited when I first cast a new figure.  It’s like I can’t wait to see how it turns out! So, I want to get this done. […]

Spy Lady Wax Model

Black Widow – Wax Model


Hi folks, So I’m back. I’ve made silicon moulds for all the parts in this kit and created wax copies of all the parts. The pictures below shows all the silicon moulds and all the wax parts. You can see where there is flashing and extra wax that leaked out between the two halves of […]

Spy Lady Wax

Black Widow – Wax Injection


Here are a few pictures of the second half of my two part mould. The next day after the first half is set I unstick them from the base, turn them over, and remove the modelling clay.  The forms are repositioned and the second half of silicon rubber is measured and poured.   The real […]

Silicon Rubber

Black Widow – Silicone Mould


Someone said that I had a wonderful workspace and that they’d love to have as much room to make a mess!  Yes, my workspace was originally the previous house owner’s wine room.  He was an Italian barber, and one thing about Italy is that the whole boot is supposedly overflowing with wine. I think it […]

Spy Lady

Black Widow – Introduction


Someone recently said that I should do a bronze cast of 7 of 9 from the Star Trek: Voyager series.  Apparently, she was the reason many watched the show?  I was told that if I was to cast her in bronze then people would buy her.  But, I’ve never found a resin kit of this […]