Work In Progress

This category shows how I cast bronze figurines, bronze sculptures, and other bronze curios. These are my Work-In-Progress postings.

Supergirl 1


I have been working on Supergirl for some time. This is my first WIP for her, although I did post a previous Work-In-Progress for casting her cape. Supergirl has turned out to be a time consuming and perhaps expensive figure to cast. It took almost 4.5 kg of silicone rubber for her moulds. She will […]

Cannon 3


I’m just about finished my cannons. I cast the third yesterday and I am busy making carriages for them along the lines of naval cannons. The carriage is made from wood, but I am casting the carriage wheels. For some reason the cannon I just cast failed to have an open bore, so I am […]

Cannon 2


I cast two cannons today. I actually made three in wax but I had some difficulty trying to fit them into my 5×7 inch casting flask. The cannons are 5 5/8 inches long, but the rubber base for the flask uses 1 1/4 inch of space for the button reservoir. I also require a half […]

18th Century Cannon


Finally, I’m making an 18th century cannon. It’s a pseudo-replica of a 12-pdr bronze cannon cast by the Verbruggen family in England in 1780. The actual cannon weighed 21 hundredweight (2352 pounds) and was 6’6” long. We will see what my cannon actually weighs when cast, but it should be about 5.5 inches long. I’m […]

Bikini Girls


I’m finishing off another pair of my bikini girls, mostly because I want to have a few different colors available for display during my upcoming show in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. I just finished casting and assembling these. I have yet to color them.

Panzer Girls 3


As I gave away my first copy of my Girls und Panzer casting, I had to make another of these tank turret models. The 1:35 scale figures are soldered to the tank with low temperature silver bearing solder which is a tin solder. It’s not the strongest, but I would likely melt the figures if […]

Supergirl’s Cape 2


I have cleaned up and soldered Supergirl’s cape that was cast in a yellow brass a few days ago. I used my larger Smith acetylene-air torch that gives me 13,000 BTU to heat the two pieces, and fortunately this was sufficient to get the piece locally hot enough (760 C) for my bronze solder to […]

Supergirl’s Cape 1


I’ve started work on my bronze cast of Supergirl. The biggest feature to cast is her cape. I am going to have to cut it in half so that it will fit inside my largest 5×7 inch casting flask, but even so it will be a tricky fit. I try to leave about a half […]

Super Cat 2


I have two super cats assembled. One is looking forward and one is looking to the side. The head, cape, and body were soldered together in one session but this didn’t really work too well. The parts tended to fall apart during soldering and caused difficulty. I should have used binding wire to hold the […]

Super Cat 1


Hi folks. I’m beginning to work on a curiosity known as Streaky, Supergirl’s pet cat. I’ve made silicone rubber moulds of the cat and put it in wax and just recently cast the parts. In the process I discovered that the cat is a little awkward to cast as a complete item as it would […]